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5 Tips For Healthcare B2B Email Marketing In 2020

5 Tips for Healthcare B2B Email Marketing in 2020

As we are living a new normal in 2020, marketing has become a challenge in every industry, particularly healthcare. In-person is out, and inbox is in. Even though 46% of healthcare marketing budgets are expected to be down, nearly 44% of pharma and healthcare brands are expecting to increase their non-personal promotion budgets, including email marketing.

So, with email being the new method of communication for B2B healthcare brands and some arguing that marketing should cease altogether, how do you navigate getting your message out tactfully? Here are some tips to follow for B2B email marketing in the healthcare industry in 2020:

1. Know your audience

When crafting your message, it’s imperative to not only know what you are saying but to whom and where. Certain areas of the country and world are experiencing differing degrees of a “new normal.” Before sending out an email campaign, review the demographic information on your email lists to ensure you are delivering your messaging to the appropriate people within your audience segments.

2. Timing is everything

While marketers might be used to relying on data such as open and conversion rate at a certain day and time when choosing when to deploy an email campaign, there are also other factors to consider in 2020. Be cognizant of what’s going on in today’s news cycle, as the story regarding healthcare is changing daily. Make sure to be flexible with the timing of your email deployment schedule to keep your messaging appropriate and relevant to your audience.

3. Appropriate tone

In addition to knowing your audience and delivering your message at the right time, establishing an appropriate tone in your B2B email campaigns is imperative in 2020, especially when healthcare is concerned. Keep your message empathetic, and only send health-related information on your products and services that are beneficial to your audience and relevant to the times.

4. Strong subject lines

With inboxes being flooded with healthcare-related content, open rates are down in many cases. Choose your subject line carefully. What do you have to offer that another brand doesn’t? Be sure to use B2B buzzwords that will cut through the noise and not only capture your audience’s attention but earn it.

5. Show, don’t tell

In order to develop brand authority, it’s important to deliver messages that prove your point and relevance. Be sure to provide real-world examples of how your products, services, or solutions are pertinent to current healthcare crises when planning your email marketing campaigns.

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HealthLink Dimensions’ mission is to improve healthcare in the US and around the world. As healthcare conferences have been cancelled this year, we continue to help our hospital network and pharma clients get their important updates and communications in front of physicians and other healthcare providers that are making a difference through our email deployment and database solutions.

If you are a healthcare brand who would like to learn more about how our services are making a real-world impact or need assistance with your email solutions, feel free to fill out the form or contact us!

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