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Specialty Pharmacies Pulled Off-Mission by Data Management Burdens

Specialty Pharmacies are dedicated to providing high quality service at economic price points when delivering  medications to patients. This requires high levels of reliability and trust between healthcare providers, specialty pharmacies, program partners and patients.  However, poor data quality and data management can compromise the delivery and efficiency required for optimal patent care and scalability.

Numerous and fragmented data sources coming from multiple stakeholders, along with inconsistent file formats, is a data management challenge that when not addressed correctly often results in imperfect data across the organization.

HealthLink Dimensions addresses this challenge for specialty pharmacies and helps them maintain high service levels with a cloud-based data management application pre-loaded with clinical-grade healthcare provider directories. The application enables data integration, assessment, and governance to:

  • improve data quality
  • connect data source to destination
  • Improve work flow efficiency from script through claims adjudication and
  • Improve revenue cycle.

Specialty pharmacies offer immense value by delivering specialty drugs at economic price points to patients who rely on their medications.  Time is better spent on the core mission than on cleaning data, adjusting spreadsheets, and building internal IT applications.

If you need a reliable partner that can relieve your data and application administration burdens while you focus on your mission of serving patients, we have a proven track record of success.

Contact us today for a consultation or initial discussion.

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