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Price Transparency

A price transparency resource that gives health insurers an apples-to-apples comparison for negotiated rates across all payers at a single hospital.


When it comes to negotiating provider rates, payers often don’t know what competitors are paying that provider. They’re in the dark when it comes to getting the best rates from hospitals, physicians and other medical professionals. How can you equip yourself with powerful information that puts you on equal footing?

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HealthLink Dimensions’ Hospital Price Transparency gives payers a simple, single-stop resource that gathers hospital pricing information across the US and compiles the data in one tool for actual apples-to-apples comparison.

Compare rates for a set of CPT or DRG codes across multiple hospitals to identify the best prices in a market for a particular code.

Allows the insurer to know what the benchmark rates are in that region for steering patients or negotiating with out-of-network hospitals.

Compare rates for all insurers at a single hospital for any range of CPT or DRG codes.

Identifies which payer has the best rate for a service and prepares the negotiator with information to help them get the best prices for their members.

Compare any of the 5 standard rates as a % of billed charges (CPT, APC or DRG) or Medicare payment (APC or DRG)

Allows for easy comparison to benchmarks and often identifies the basis for the rates whether they are a percentage off billed charges, or a negotiated rate to help inform the negotiator at the insurer how the rates were derived.


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