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Provider Directory Advantage

The trusted, cost-efficient verification system that quickly ensures directory accuracy for No Surprises Act (NSA) compliance


The No Surprises Act, which went into effect January 1, 2022, is a continuous race against the clock. Provider information must be verified at least once every 90 days and updates posted within two days of receipt. Data that can’t be verified must be scrubbed from directories ASAP. What’s more, payer legacy systems and processes, originally designed to perform annual verification, are now stretched to the limit — as are your people. How can you improve system efficiency to maintain compliance, without significant new investment?

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Provider Directory Advantage is the cost-efficient verification system that saves time and simplifies complex No Surprises Act requirements. Advanced analytics automatically flag stale, incomplete, or otherwise suspect data for follow up. Validation processes include on-demand human resolution, as well as closed-loop feedback interactions with your providers. Built on the largest multi-sourced, audited provider and facility database available, it integrates seamlessly with payer and TPA systems. Once implemented, the savings are substantial, ranging from 20%-40% on average for most payers. This means you can trust that directory updates are accurate, reliable, and maintain compliance, all while reducing expenses.

Streamlines Affordability

Delivers cost efficiencies by pulling data into a single repository, thereby eliminating manual updates, in-house development of advanced analytics and documentation, and added managerial oversight.

Simplifies Processes

Provider Directory Advantage uses multiple sources but returns the data to payers in a downloadable, single-update format, facilitating the two-day turnaround requirement.

Protects Against Penalties

Curtails network errors that lead to financial liability for non-compliance and provides an audit trail for validations

Utilizes Trusted Resources

HealthLink Dimensions pulls from more than 500 sources to quickly and accurately match directory information.


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