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Provider Directory Advantage

The easiest and most cost-effective way for health insurers to keep their provider directories accurate and in compliance.


Maintaining provider directories takes many man hours at a health insurance plan, and providers don’t always notify insurers when they stop practicing at a specific clinic. Credentialing teams can also be unaware when licenses and board certifications renew or expire. How can they keep their provider data accurate and updated with ease?

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HealthLink Dimensions:
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The affordable, easy-to-use Provider Directory Advantage service gives health plans the timely, accurate provider directory data they need. It easily integrates with payer systems and provider databases to keep directories correct and in compliance.

Provider directory augmentation and maintenance using the highly accurate, reliable HealthLink Dimensions master dataset.

Provider Relations can trust that data provided by HealthLink Dimensions reaches a high standard of accuracy, enabling their organization to prevent directory audit failures and reduce member complaints.

Live Provider Research Center staff helps validate information.

Additional level of accuracy, separately priced, for regulations such as the No Surprises Act 90-day verification processes.

Automation and integration of data sourcing and update.

Time consuming and error-prone manual normalization and analysis is automated and streamlined so provider relations and compliance teams can focus on providing excellent member service, keep prices down and providers happy.


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