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Free Guide: 4 Metrics for Data Integration Success

The people who use your data don’t care about coding. After all, they’re not data scientists. They care about are the metrics that matter to them:

  • Accuracy – how correct is the information?
  • Timeliness – how up-to-date is the information?
  • Accessibility – how easy is it to filter, retrieve and understand?
  • Security – Will it comply with privacy and governance regulations?

And all this has to balance against how much your data integration approach is likely to cost, both up-front and in the long run.

Healthlink Dimensions has published Four Foundations for Successful Healthcare Provider Data Integrations, a guide to help you get answers. Whether you build your databases manually (pulling from disparate departments and sources), via bulk import (blending internal data with purchased data) or via a managed data service, this guide will help you measure the value of your approach across all four quality metrics – plus the often-misunderstood metric of financial costs and savings.

As always, we’re happy to work with you to deliver the data results on which your organization depends

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