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Wondering How To Connect With Healthcare Professionals? Think ‘who’ Instead Of ‘where’

Wondering how to connect with healthcare professionals? Think ‘who’ instead of ‘where’

Healthcare marketing is all about delivering the right message to the appropriate audience at the perfect time. Traditionally, advertising practice focused on channel selection and understanding where to reach the intended audience.  For example, a medical device marketer whose primary target audience are cardiac surgeons focused their advertising plan solely on the few publications and journals that were specific to that specialty.  As technology has advanced and data has become more sophisticated marketers now have the ability to define, target and segment audiences like never before.  Leveraging these capabilities for audience targeting allows marketers to focus their advertising efforts on their target audience wherever they are rather than limiting exposure to specific channels. Focusing on their target audience and engaging in innovative ways should be top of mind for healthcare marketers.

Treating HCPs like consumers

We live in an age of customization and personalization. Most of us are accustomed to receiving marketing messages that are targeted and relevant to us. Healthcare providers are no exception.  We are all consumers and have come to expect personalized, customer-focused brand experiences, as Steve Schaefer, senior vice president of Takeda Pharmaceutical Company shared in an interview with Digital Health Coalition.

“The customers, whether they be payers, patients, HCPs, they’re consumers as well, and they expect the same from any source of deliveries that we expect ourselves,” Schaefer explained. “I think the number one thing that’s really changed is, in pharma in particular. … I remember thinking about strategic initiatives. We’d say, well, we really can’t do that. We’re a regulated industry. We’re pharma, but yet, the speed of change and the expectations of our customers changes as well.”

It’s the trending technology, digital tools and deeper data that have made it easier to identify and reach a defined target audience so that brand managers can create a customized brand experience.

“The availability of data and algorithmic marketing has made it much easier for us to, I think, start to understand our customers, where they are on a journey, and start to customize content, and get it to them in a manner that is very much how we would prefer or want to see it as consumers ourselves,” Schaefer told DHC.

Creating individualized marketing campaigns, regardless of channel, is key to becoming a customer-centric organization and quality, accurate data is essential to creating a successful campaign.

Focus marketing efforts on “who” instead of “where.”

Understanding identity resolution

Modern marketers are shifting their focus from “where” they find prospects (channel selection) to more of a data-driven audience targeting approach or “who” their prospects are.  If you want to make sure you get your target audience right, identity resolution is a must. This requires collecting and matching data to known individuals and properly using that data to engage them at the right time. According to CMO, if your marketing strategy revolves around catering to customer identities, you’ll have a better chance of reaching the right individuals and meeting their needs.

Some of the benefits of identity resolution include delivering relevant content, creating personalized customer experiences, building credibility, staying compliant and more. By keeping identity resolution under control, you can keep up with customer expectations as the industry continues to evolve at a rapid pace.

Leveraging HCP Programmatic Targeting

Knowing your target audience is essential to a successful marketing program. With HCP Programmatic Targeting from HeathLink Dimensions, you can increase your digital reach to your target audience wherever they are – across multiple channels and devices. By leveraging deterministic data you remove guesswork and eliminate waste by focusing specifically on your target audience.

For more information on how programmatic targeting with HealthLink Dimensions can help you shift with the changing health care climate and reach your target HCP audience, contact us directly today.

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