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Improve Lead Generation With A Targeted Physician Marketing Campaign

Improve lead generation with a targeted physician marketing campaign

In any industry, marketing to a specific target audience can be challenging. For those marketing new medical devices or services to physicians, there are unique hurdles to overcome. As opposed to broader, consumer-facing industries, in which a company has a goal of selling a single product to a mass audience, the journey from producing a medical device to that device being cleared for use and approved by medical institutions is a much longer one. These complex issues make effective marketing even more crucial. Here are a few tips to improve lead generation for a targeted physician marketing campaign:

Monitor engagement

Your company has probably already taken on a marketing strategy in some form or another, so before you start from scratch or implement changes to your campaign, start by analyzing what you have in place. Use analytics software and services to track engagement with your site, blog content and social media accounts. Gather data on website traffic and consider a few things – are your visitors making it to the product page, or stopping on the home page before clicking away? Are potential clients reaching out via your contact page more frequently after watching a video on your site, or is your news section prompting more interaction?

Use a similar approach when evaluating any email or direct-mail marketing campaigns you may be using. If you send out boilerplate marketing emails at regular intervals and have found they’re not bringing in the kind of engagement you’d like to see, it may be time to make some changes.

There are multiple segments of a campaign to examine, including email deployment, frequency of correspondence with clients and social media engagement, so prior to making any adjustments, it’s important to analyze what’s working and what’s not. From there, you can make changes as needed.

Use calls to action

“Every word, image and video on your site is an opportunity to market to your audience”

Your website and social media accounts are more than just description pages. Every word, image and video on your site is an opportunity to market to your audience – in this case, physicians. That means every landing page, blog post or infographic should contain a call to action.

These calls to action may include a request to contact your company for more information, an invitation to download a free whitepaper or a phone number visible at the top of every page so physicians can reach out to you at their own convenience.

Make every page easy to navigate, leading the recipient’s eyes to a call to action. The same goes for an email campaign. For each email you send, offer an option for the physician or medical professional to respond, either through email, a contact form or a phone number.

Utilize a targeted marketing campaign to increase your reach to physicians and medical professionals.

Clean up databases

Even the best email marketing strategy will suffer if your databases aren’t up to date. It’s inefficient to send marketing emails to physicians or hospital administrators whose emails addresses are inaccurate, or to send emails to every physician at a hospital regardless of their specialty. This takes up time and resources, clouding your analytics and making it more difficult for you to craft an effective marketing strategy.

When using outdated information, you’ll find yourself with an inbox full of emails that have bounced back, or direct mail materials sent to incorrect addresses, turning your important, meticulously packaged information into junk mail.

Relying on incorrect or insufficient data can also compromise valuable professional relationships. When you’re sending emails to thousands of physicians, hospital administrators and other healthcare professionals, it may be easy to overlook an outdated email address, even if you’re aware a doctor switched to a different practice months ago. By unintentionally staying out of touch, you’re compromising that relationship over time.

To counter this, you can use data cleansing services to keep databases in order. Once your database is scrubbed clean, you can specifically target certain physicians for medical devices, narrowing down your campaign by specialties, licensing, hospital affiliation and more.

Improve social media engagement

The purpose of social media engagement is not only to interact with your potential clients and the public – it’s also to drive traffic to your website to improve lead generation. Even if your company doesn’t have hundreds of thousands of followers, it’s good to maintain active social media accounts. This includes Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

If you have product demo videos, post them on social media and invite discussions. Or you can write accompanying blog posts for LinkedIn or Facebook to drive engagement. A robust, professional presence on social media can give a company a leg up, further inviting lead generation with your audience. An active social media account further demonstrates your company is ready for new clients, helping to produce greater lead generation over time.

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