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Communication Preferences Of Healthcare Providers Are Of The Utmost Importance

Communication preferences of healthcare providers are of the utmost importance

Communication is key to successful relationships. In the healthcare industry, these interactions are even more important, as patients, providers and payers rely on each other for updates and current information regarding the field.

It is crucial for industry professionals to not only reach out to their audience on a regular basis, but understand what methods of communication are preferred by physicians and patients. Both parties, for example, find email to be the best way to contact them and share materials related to the industry.

The prevalence of mobile devices
Physicians, nurse practitioners and patients alike lead busy lives with hectic schedules. As such, they have very little time to sit down and read lengthy communications from insurance providers and other healthcare professionals.

As a result, the best way to catch their attention is to ensure any outreach is formatted and can be read on a mobile device. Keeping the content short and sweet will help these groups understand the message – as well as the next necessary course of action. Distributing information via social media has also become a more popular means of communicating with medical professionals, who tend to use the tools to interact with peers and their own audience of patients.

To learn more about health care provider and patient communication, check out the HealthLink Dimension’s infographic below (based on results of the Annual HCP Communication Study):

Healthcare companies need to understand their audience’s communication preferences.

To be successful in their outreach efforts, insurance companies and other healthcare professionals need to recognize and utilize the communication preferences of doctors, nurse practitioners and patients. Knowing what forms of interaction work best and which information people are most interested in can help organizations within the field tailor their messages and gain a loyal and responsive audience.

Read more about the results from the HealthLink Dimensions study in the Annual HCP Communication Report 2017.

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