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5 Strategies For Marketing To Doctors On LinkedIn

5 Strategies for Marketing to Doctors on LinkedIn

Although doctors are normally discrete in terms of their willingness to openly engage on social media platforms, HealthLink Dimensions’ 2020 Communications Report found that 46% of physicians participated in social networking for professional purposes, up from just 34% in 2019. Due to control of profile privacy and discussions, doctors tend to resonate with LinkedIn over other platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Although social media use is on the rise for doctors, there are still some ways that engaging with professionals in the medical field is different than other industries. If you are looking to communicate with physicians via LinkedIn, here are some strategies to follow:

“46% of doctors participate in social networking for professional purposes.”

1. Interact with healthcare industry-focused groups

One opportunity LinkedIn provides to healthcare marketers is to participate in groups. Professionals in any field join industry-focused groups to engage with their peers, ask and answer questions, and network. Contributing insight, engaging in conversation with content via comments, and sharing content in groups will help marketers get their names out and build a relationship with potential clients.

2. Provide relevant thought leadership

LinkedIn is also an excellent forum for companies to build trust among potential leads and develop a position as thought leaders in their industry. Econsultancy cited data from Deloitte that revealed 52% of physicians are interested in interacting with pharmaceutical companies through social media. Additionally, the results showed 75% of doctors indicated a lack of trust in information provided by these companies. Healthcare marketers can meet the needs of doctors and establish greater trust by publishing influencer posts on LinkedIn. Since this content must come from an individual rather than a company, there is an important added human dynamic that give marketers the opportunity to share their thoughts and drive inbound traffic.

3. Use sponsored postings

When it comes to healthcare marketing on social media, it can be difficult to break through the noise considering physicians are inundated with medical-related content each day. Using sponsored updates can help your content reach a wider audience on LinkedIn. This feature allows users to target their updates to a specific audience based on location, company, industry, role, and seniority.

4. Conduct research

LinkedIn is also a valuable tool for marketers to conduct research about doctors’ specific interests, emerging technologies in the industry, common pain points, job hunting trends, and perceptions of certain medicines and devices. Companies can tap into this information to optimize their efforts. Take medical email marketing, for example. By using LinkedIn to research the profiles of doctors in relevant fields, marketers have access to valuable information to segment their lists effectively and deliver more personalized content.

5. Keep an appropriate tone

If you are a healthcare marketer delivering your message via LinkedIn, keep in mind that frontline doctors are working long hours, and physicians who perform elective surgeries may have been laid off or furloughed due to the pandemic. It’s important to only share content if you have something important to offer either of these types of physicians.

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