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Carelike Makes it Easier for Discharge Managers

Discharge Management is Hard. We Make it Easier

Let’s not dance around the fact: Discharge processes are hard.

Discharge managers have to balance the financial interests of the hospital with the need to find the best, most appropriate post-acute care for each patient. Likewise, staff members are supposed to apply data-driven best practices to move patients quickly and efficiently from in-patient to post-acute care – even as not all patients or their families are ready for these transitions. It challenges your patience, your ability to multitask, and your available time.

We get it. That’s why we created Carelike, a national database that maintains up-to-the-minute information on post-acute care facilities across the country. You can search and segment by geography, specialty, cost, insurance, and quality ratings, with powerful analytics that connect each patient to the facilities most likely to deliver the care they need, at a cost they can manage. And it all integrates with your hospital information and EPIC systems

Get our infographic, which shows how Carelike can help you, your staff, and your patients – while also providing measurable business benefits.

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