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What’s your medical product marketing strategy?

By setting clear objectives and honing the most effective marketing tactics, life sciences organizations establish the conditions that fuel sustainable growth.

Infographic: Annual Healthcare Professional Communication Report 2018 Key Insights

With the movement toward value-based care, emerging mobile technologies and shifts in regulatory policy, the world of healthcare is in a state of flux. The 2018 edition of the annual HealthLink Dimensions Healthcare Professional Communication Survey gathered responses from 734 physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants, uncovering insights into how organizations can most [...]

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Mobile health and the future of life sciences marketing

Health insurance payers, medical device makers and pharmaceutical companies may all benefit from communications strategies that account for the emergence of mHealth and the burgeoning optimism from healthcare providers.

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Why life sciences marketers should prioritize patient satisfaction

With the rise of value-based care, offering a high-quality patient experience is becoming increasingly important for healthcare providers.