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Tear Up Your Sticky Notes

Carelike delivers the in-depth, accurate, easy-to-use information you need for finding the right post-acute care facility

Discharge managers, patients, and families need the best information possible when it’s time to move someone from the hospital to a post-acute care facility.

Too often what they have are sticky notes, spreadsheets, Google searches, and way too many unanswered questions.

Discharge managers lack the time to remain up to date on capabilities and quality ratings. Families have to navigate an endlessly confusing landscape of services, price points, and insurance.

That’s why we created Carelike, the industry’s gold standard post-acute care directory. Carelike proactively researches and relentlessly updates essential information for post-acute care, all delivered in a streamlined, easily understood interface.

Tear up those sticky notes! Complete the form to the right to get our free infographic on how to quickly and affordably streamline your post-acute care facility matching with Carelike.

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