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How your applicant tracking systems can work smarter to find better matches – a Healthlink Dimensions podcast

Every healthcare recruiter faces the same daily realities:

  • Increasing demands to find top-tier talent, quickly and cost-effectively
  • Incomplete or out-of-date candidate information
  • Poor sourcing or segmentation tools

The good news is that applicant tracking system (ATS) solutions can help with all three of these challenges. However, it takes a careful application of technology, data, and workflow to turn the promise of healthcare ATS into a truly productive solution.

Healthlink Dimensions’ podcast recently invited Nathan Lenyszyn, Brandon Hollier and MJ Abu-El-Rub, real-world recruiters and in-house talent at our HCP Navigator, to talk about ATS systems and the best-practices that make them work smarter and more productively. This practical, timely conversation is available for download. Complete the form to the right to learn how to make your ATS a recruiting competitive advantage for your organization.

Download this resource:

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