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Annual Healthcare Professional Communication Report: Medicine on the Move - Digital Defines Healthcare Marketing in 2019

How do today’s healthcare providers want to be reached? Equally important, what kind of information do they welcome – and what kind of content will they reject? HealthLink Dimensions’ 2019 HCP Communications Study reveals the answers to these, and other questions that are on the minds of today’s healthcare marketers.

Our 2019 Report Highlights Include:

  • Why email remains both an essential tool for healthcare communicators – and an insufficient one on its own.
  • How multimodal digital outreach and programmatic campaigns can improve engagement
  • The importance of valuable content – provided in ways that are easy to access
  • The value of patient education and support materials
  • What websites healthcare professionals rely on for answers
  • The rising growth trajectory of social media
  • How, when and where to employ – or avoid – digital advertising
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