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The 2020 HCP Communications Survey Report

HCP Communications Survey – Time Sets the Tempo

Healthcare Professionals Want Quality Content and Fewer Interruptions in 2020

HealthLink Dimensions’ 2020 HCP Communications Survey report is here! As always, this eagerly awaited industry overview contains insights and data that marketers need to improve their outreach and engagement in 2020.

What’s new for this year? Clarity on the top three things healthcare professionals want from marketers:

Time – Healthcare professionals don’t have enough of it to find and read critical information

Respect – These professionals are smart and capable – don’t condescend or waste their time

Quality – Marketing materials must deliver useful, practical insights to drive engagement

Equally important, this year’s survey shows how the ways in which healthcare providers choose to receive information continues to evolve.

Supercharge your healthcare marketing by downloading your copy of this trusted industry guide today!

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